What is a firstie?

Red or Yellow, Black or White
We are precious in HIS sight...

Welcome to Firsties!

We meet every Wednesday night in OUR house, the AOC House, which is just north of the church building. Firsties are different. OUR house is defined by three things:

Belonging - OUR house is GOD'S house, and that means that there is room at the table for everyone. In this house, we will encourage you to be everything that God made you to be.

Believing - In OUR house, God matters. Because God matters, we live lives that matter and we help each other to live lives that matter. We do it together, because that's what Christians do.

Becoming - In OUR house, it's okay if you don't have every part of your future figured out yet. We are  becoming people that matter, who share love that matters, that comes from a God who matters. The rest of it will come in God's time.

Be a Firstie.
Come to OUR house.

Wednesday Nights.

7 pm.


  September 2018  
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